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RFA Officers 2013–2014

RFA Officers 20132014

From the left: William J. Petak, President; Janette C. Brown (Executive Director, USC Emeriti Center); John L. Sanders, Secretary; and Robert A. Stallings, Vice President.  Not pictured: James Halls, Treasurer; Phoebe Liebig, Past President.

Faculty Retirees 2012–2013

USC Provost and Senior Vice President Elizabeth Garrett recognized those faculty members who retired during AY 2012–2013 at the annual Provost's Faculty Retirement Recognition Luncheon Wednesday, November 13, 2013, in Town and Gown on the University Park Campus (UPC).

Provost's Luncheon 2013 Group Photo

First Row (Left to Right):  Florian Mansfeld, Irma Fitzgibbons, Arnold Platzker, G. Alexander Moore, Lynne Ticson, Elizabeth Garrett (Provost), Janette Brown (Executive Director, USC Emeriti Center), Parakrama Chandrasoma, and Gloria Orenstein.

Second Row:  Don A. Llewellyn, James Rotter, Maurice Hitchcock, Kenneth Servis, William Maxwell, John Odell, William Petak (RFA President), and Esther Gillies.

Third Row:  Alan Schumitzky, Roger Jelliffe, Ram Kannan, Cage Johnson, William McClure, Chris Zarow, and Sandra Rich.

Provost's Faculty Retirement Recognition Luncheon 2013

RFA President William Petak welcomed honorees and guests to the 2013 luncheon in Town and Gown on the University Park Campus (UPC) Wednesday, November 13, 2013.  Charles Gomer, President of the USC Faculty, and Elizabeth Garrett, USC Provost and Senior Vice President, both spoke.  RFA Vice President Robert Stallings introduced the honorees who had retired during AY 2012–2013.  Twenty-one of the fifty-seven retirees were able to attend.  USC Emeriti Center Executive Director Janette Brown presented the Paul E. Hadley Award for Service to USC to Professor Emeritus David Dows (Department of Chemistry, Dornsife College).

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Holiday Breakfast 2013

The Staff Retirement Association/Emeriti Center/RFA annual Holiday Breakfast was held December 5, 2013, in Town and Gown.  Parmer Fuller, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Vocal Arts, Thornton School of Music, and 10 of his students provided musical entertainment.  Carolyn Watanabe and her colleagues in the SRA pulled off yet another enjoyable holiday event.

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A Personal Invitation from the RFA

RFA Honors Robert Baker
at 32nd Street Magnet School

On March 19, the USC Retired Faculty Association Board of Directors presented a $1,000 check to the 32nd Street/USC Magnet School for Visual and Performing Arts, a member of the USC Family of Schools.  The gift was made in memory of Dr. Robert L. Baker, former RFA President and Professor Emeritus in the Rossier School of Education.  The fund was made possible by individual donations from RFA board members who chose the 32nd Street/USC Magnet School in accordance with the Baker family's wishes to support local public schools.

Caldwell Scholars Luncheon 14 September 2012

Phoebe Liebig (above, right), RFA president, presented the gift to the principal, Mr. Ezequiel Gonzalez (above, left), a graduate of the Rossier School.  [To continue reading, click .]

RFA Elects New Officers and Board Members

Results of the election of officers and at-large board members for 2013–2014 were announced by President Phoebe Liebig at the Board of Directors' meeting March 8, 2013.  New officers elected were Bob Stallings, Vice President/President Elect, and Jack Sanders, Secretary.  New at-large board members (three-year term) were Alan Abbott (Keck School of Medicine), Timothy Chan (School of Pharmacy), David Marsh (Rossier School of Education), and Bob Scales (School of Dramatic Arts).  Elected to a second three-year term as at-large board members were Jack Crossley and Charlotte Furth, both of Dornsife College.